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A set of gel filters

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A set of gel filters for flashlights - an indispensable accessory for photographers who use flashlights with white light The Lighter 5000K

  The set includes 20 filters of different colors. The special design of the filters allows you to attach them to the lantern with the included rubber bands.

About filters

There are many ways to organize light in the frame, but often you want to achieve some new effect and there is a cool solution to this issue - gel filters.
For this, it is not necessary to purchase new super equipment, it is enough to organize a tandem: gel filters + The lighter 5000K lamp.

Color filters are used to tone the shadows and background, create a colored backlight or enhance a particular shade in the frame.

Color gradients obtained when using filters of different shades (with the help of several light sources) also look very effective. For beautiful transitions, consider the rules of mixing colors
For example, the combination of a pink and a blue filter on two light sources from different sides of the frame gives a beautiful purple shade at the point of their mixing.

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